Monday, September 28, 2009

Lil Wayne's 27th B-Day

Wow.  Lil Wayne celebrates his 27th B-Day w/ Birdman & some more of Cash Money.  Looks like we have a diamond encrusted cake.  A Chopard watch that cost a milli, & Baby gets a tattoo of Lil Wayne's Birthdate?  Odd.   Poppin bottles of Dom is about the most normal thing happening.. Here's the video:

Saturday, September 12, 2009


This footage is really old.  Big shout out to the COOLOUT NETWORK!  Georgio has been puttin' it down in the 206 for 18+ years.  Big up Kitty Wu too for tons of work since the 90s.   Check out the video of me at the L.O.N.S. show cuttin up Peter Piper.  

OK!  This other video is from the performance we did w/ Jace that night.  We had a posse cut I was on so you can see me on the mic along with Jace & Specs.  It starts off w/ Supreme cuttin up Vaughn Mason & then you can see me on the MIC...  I didn't know this existed until last week.