Thursday, April 29, 2010


If you grabbed the new JAKE ONE mixtape called TOWN BIZ then you might've heard this cut. This was produced by Mr. Supreme & features B-Mello, Specs, Skone, & Jace. This is some old school Seattle hip-hop that is hard to find! Here's the full song for download as well as my lyrics!

Pictured Above: Danny Dee Rock aka Born Supreme aka Supreme The Fatman aka Mr. Supreme aka Supreme La Rock

& the one & only DJ B-MELLO some 15+ years later


Ayo I flip the script, rip shit then I'm ghost.

From the Eastcoast to the Westcoast I'm the fly most

High post, nah I'm on the downlow.

Yo peep the style of the rhyme & the sound flow

Yo It's the Mello throwin' down on a fat track

gettin over like a fat rat (Jace -Yo like that)

Word, so check the flex no matter who rips next

my crew gets wreck so give nuff respect

cuz yo we on point like index, you wonder why I'm vex?

brothaz clock like Timex

Thinkin that I'm a King like B.B.,

but yo like Stevie no wonder they can't see me!

Muthafuckas don't understand I'm the fuckin man.

A yo shits bout to hit the fan

I'm gettin loose like a hooker

plus I'm havin Good Times yo, my pockets fat lke Booker

Better yet they stay fat like Oprah

while corny muthafuckas try to flex like Mad Cobra

A yo I ain't tryin ta hear that shit

just pass me the mic & a fat loop I can get wit

Make it a Point Blank track & I'm straight

(Jace- Yo the shit's for the radio?) Nah, that'll have to wait,

but yo I'm out who's next my man Specs

time to represent get wreck while I crack my Becks


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