Saturday, April 24, 2010


Rest in Peace to my friend Hideo Sugano. Rob One was the first friends I really lost to cancer and also a fellow DJ. The difference with DJ Hideo is that I knew it was coming and was a little more prepared. With Guru I was somewhat prepared as well when finding out about his coma, although I didn't know about his cancer. When Rakim said "Serious as cancer" he wasn't joking!

Let's help fight & find a cure! Do what you can to support that! I think you can donate for funeral expenses and his daughter at!

For those that don't know my first ALL DJ crew (before Shadyville, CORE, Henchmen, TechNitions, etc..) was NRC and DJ HIdeo was one of the few members from around the country. It was a small crew of about 10-15 at the most. DJ AP hold your head! Anyway, just wanted to share that and a picture from an Urban Network panel that we were on together back in the day. Just O (RIP) was also on that panel. It hurts to lose colleagues and friends, but we keep pushing on!


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