Monday, August 23, 2010

X-Box 360 courtesy of Doritos

So my son asks me to buy him a 99 cent bag of Doritos & is like "Dad, you can win stuff". I buy it for him and he doesn't eat them right away. About 2 weeks later he breaks 'em out & finishes 'em & asks me to check online to see if the bag is a winner. It says every bag is a winner. I'm thinking "yeah right", but I enter the code & it says we won an X-Box 360. I was so suprised, but this is back at the end of May I believe. Anyway, I entered all my info & kept checking back, but didn't hear anything. I knew the contest was over at the end of July, but still hadn't heard any word. I'm sitting at the computer with the winning bag and googling to find a contact number to call and ask about it when the UPS man rings the doorbell. To my suprise it's the X-Box 360 we won. A Special Edition Final Fantasy XIII X-Box 360. My 10 yr old is so excited! I just heard him on the phone telling his friends! Normally I throw away packages with contests on 'em like Snickers for example. From now on I am definitely gonna keep 'em & check the codes!!


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